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All documents produced during the project are published in this section. This includes scientific papers, reports, presentations and other outputs.

Excel Table: Water System Services List

An excel table including the entire water system services list. The document is a template and can be used to assess the water system services of any Swedish drinking water source. 

Economic valuation of drinking water quantity and quality -
A literature review

The purpose of the literature review is to map earlier studies of economic values of drinking water quality and quantity, and to use this mapping for (a) evaluating the opportunities to transfer results from earlier studies to a Swedish setting, and (b) learning from earlier experience how potential new primary valuation studies in a Swedish setting could be designed.

Using WSS to prioritize between water protection measures - Poster presentation at IAH conference - 

This is a poster presentation from the 2021 IAH-conference in Brussels. We presented how WSS can be used and integrated into a risk assessment for drinking water protection. The assessment is exemplified with a case study site.

Presentation at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition

This presentation was held at the IWA - conference 2021 and reports on the progress and insights in the WaterPlan-project

Journal Article: Integrating Ecosystem Services into Risk Assessments for Drinking Water Protection

In this paper we introduce the concept of water system services (WSS), derived from the Common International Classification of Ecosystem Services (CICES), and present an approach to integrate WSS into a risk assessment for drinking water sources. The approach expands the scope of risk assessments to encompass all biotic and abiotic services provided by drinking water sources.

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