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Meet the Team


Andreas Lindhe

Associate professor and project leader

Andreas is specialised in risk assessment and decision analysis of geo- and water-engineering problems, with specific focus on drinking water supply. He is deputy head of the DRICKS drinking water research centre, including researchers with multidisciplinary backgrounds from several universities as well as partners from authorities and many water utilities. 


Lars Rosén

Full professor

Lars is a professor in the division of Geology and Geotechnics and leader of research group Engineering Geology, at Chalmers University of Technology. He is one of the co-founder of the DRICKS  Research Centre. His main focus is the development of methods for risk assessment and decision support in drinking water systems, underground construction and environmental clean-up.

Jenny Norrman.png

Jenny Norrman


Jenny works with decision support systems for land and water resource management: risk assessment, sustainability assessments, uncertainty analysis, stakeholder engagement and expert elicitation mostly in relation to contaminated land and subsurface planning.


Nadine Gärtner


Nadine is a PhD-student in the research group Engineering Geology. Her doctoral project is closely related to the WaterPlan-project and is trans-disciplinary between hydrology, hydrogeology and risk management.


Tore Söderqvist

Associate Professor

Tore is associate professor of economics at the Stockholm School of Economics and researcher at Holmboe & Skarp AB. His research is within environmental economics, especially cost-benefit-analysis and economic valuation of services supplied by ecosystems, water systems and geosystems.


Linus Hasselström


Linus is specialized in valuation of ecosystem services using stated preference methods, benefit transfer, and cost-benefit analysis. He has previously worked with valuation scenarios relating to water quality, benefit transfers for the Water Framework Directive (WFD), assessment and theory-development concerning “disproportional costs” with regards to the WFD, and practical valuation study implementation and data analysis.


Julia Wahtra


Julia is a PhD student in the research group for Environmental Economics at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Her doctoral thesis focuses on issues related to land use, especially food production, and the environment. She has previous experience from valuation of ecosystem services in various contexts such as drinking water management, marine spatial planning and green roofs.


Henrik Nordzell


Henrik works as a project manager and consultant in environmental policy analysis and project evaluation. He has extensive experience in economic valuation of ecosystem services and benefits to society, including valuation studies using stated preference methods. 


Lars-Ove Lång

Adjunct Professor

His research involves groundwater resources and quality, groundwater as drinking water and its role in planning processes. Research activities closely relate to his work at the Geological Survey of Sweden as coordinator for the environmental goal ”Good-quality groundwater” and hydrogeological research. Other activities at SGU include the Water Framework Directive and hydrogeological mapping.

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